PPC Setup and Management

If you have a website and would like to put it in front of more relevant web users, paid search might be right for you. Let us consult with you, find out who it is you want to visit, and place your ads in front of the right people. We have long successful history of mining the appropriate queries that are most relevant to what your customers are seeking — YOU!

Relax and let us do the grunt work.


How Can We Help?

WhiteStone Results Marketing offers a service that assists business owners with collecting the right keywords to purchase, setting up the PPC account, and managing the bids to efficiently keep search traffic up and advertising costs down.

Already use paid search? Close to throwing in the towel because the cost is high and the return low? We can help. Let us roll up our sleeves and dig into it for you. Together we can find problem areas and tweak your bidding strategy so that the cost is in perspective with the reward. Following the initial audit and restructuring of your account, we can continue to monitor and refine your account to keep it at peak performance. You can relax and concentrate on what you do best: operating a business.

If you are ready to get started, send us an email today: info@whitestoneresults.com


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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting.