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Search Engine Tune-Up for WebsitesLet’s Face It – Engines Need Tuning

You have sourced or manufactured products you can resell at a profitable margin. You have a website that has been optimized to perform conversions at a respectable rate. You are advertising in search engines and content network and via email campaigns. How come your website doesn’t show up on the first or even the second page in the search engine organic listings? We can help refine your website content and suggest actions that will make it noticable to the search engines, and potential customers.

We offer two levels of SEO services:

1. Basic Search Engine Optimization -
We will create a report with recommendations for the following actions:

Appropriately configure and optimize high-profile pages.
Properly create, configure, and optimize robots.txt, sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml.gz, and your site’s linking structure.
Submit your website to major search engines (including Google).
Evaluate text content, XHTML, and PHP for Search Engine Optimization best practices.
Implement appropriate content rewrite, meta data, and
Image and Alt Tag Optimization

2. Professional Search Engine Optimization and Continued Strategy -
Includes the following services in addition to the above:
Monthly SEO Report
Properly configure and optimize the All in One SEO Pack Plugin
Set up and configure Google Analytics
Configure Apache 404 error handling
W3C Validations for Home Page
Check for Valid XHTML/CSS
Manage appropriate crawl rate
Review your site for potential industry-related missing keywords
Check optimization for desired keywords
Each assessment and planning strategy will be tailored to your needs and desired reults. Additionally, if you do not have a development or design team in house we can contract to do the handiwork for you. We have a long list of skilled craftsman that work very quickly and finitely, and care about the results of the handiwork.

If you’re ready to step up to the next level of internet presence, call or contact us today for a quote.


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