Web Design for Usability

You have a great product. Your prices are competitive. Your website is a piece of art. You are getting lots of traffic. Yet you still find yourself wondering,

Why do sales seem to be so much lower than I’d expected?”

The above scenario is common….you are not alone. As business owners, traditional marketers, web designers, and sales reps you are good at what you do and you know it. You consider best practices when designing websites to drive traffic to the end result, or conversion. This may be a sale, filling out a form, or any other action you want visitors to complete when on your site. The trap is YOU ARE GUESSING HOW PEOPLE BROWSE, and by designing that way you are basically trying to force (gently guide?) your visitors to your desired action by taking the path YOU have put in place. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the internet in exactly the same way. How then, do you make your site easy to navigate for most users?


Example of where some visitors might be abandoning your website.


WhiteStone Results Marketing is here to help solve the puzzle.

We audit your website for usability, make suggestions from a pure usabilty angle, provide written documentation on what we suggest and why. We’ll even do the work if you’d prefer.

Following that, we typically run the changed areas through real-time user testing, record the results, then use the information to further clarify the conversion path.

We then test the new page against the previous version and see how much impact it has had. Maybe we can test a few variations of the page to dial in the winning combination. Imagine a world where your website converts at 10% higher ratio. Or 20% ? How about 50%? The sky is the limit….


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